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Generally referred to as pants. Repairs range from patching a hole to replacing a zipper in Patagonia brand pants.

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How to sew/hem mid weight Capilene bottoms

What is the best method of sewing capilene?

I am thinking of making a pair of midwieght bottoms into capris (3/4 tights) for ski season...

if anyone has done this or has a method of stitching that worked for them, please let me know!

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Those old ladies at the fabrics stores, some have been doing it for 50 years, are an absolute G-d send. Most really welcome question on how to do stuff like this and will even tell you about special threads and needles. I'd go there for help and resources.

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The response is not helpful at all, you are telling them to ask someone else.


I'm telling them to go find an expert. I'm not a seamstress. I recommend it because I've used them before.


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