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20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch aluminum LCD displays introduced by Apple in June 2004. Models A1081, A1082, and A1083 respectively.

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I have a 30 inch Apple Cinema Display that just went blank

I bought this new 10-12 years ago I believe. It's had a couple of odd glitches. Then about 45 days ago it went blank? I've tried hooking it up to 3 different Apple Computers (2 Mac Mini's & even the PowerPC G5 I originally bought it for). I only have one power supply which at bought at the same time. Any suggestions?

NOTE: I usually have it hooked up to my Mac Mini 3.1 (late 2012) with 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 w/256MB VRAM.

NOTE: Light on monitor does not light up now.

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You are probably right but someone out there might have an answer. I can't afford a new monitor right now. Thanks for your input.


It seems the power button on the right fails eventually. I have two and narrowed them down to this. I came to iFixIt hoping they had some type of kit.


Mine just went blank after nearly 9 years of faithful service. The power button is fine and the power supply seems to be good (light on my monitor does come on). It is not likely that iFixIt will have a kit, but if someone posts a teardown and repair, it might be worth trying to fix the thing.


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Honestly, this thing is so outdated there really is no point in repairing it. If you fix one thing another could fail. It might be time to invest in a new monitor. Most likely the backlight or panel died since you said it's not lighting up. If you still would like to fix it, the first thing I'd try is a new PSU. Good luck!

Edit: I'm not even sure you could really find parts for this anymore.

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I have a 23” Cinema Display that died in the same sudden manner. I troubleshooted it and found that the power supply was bad. web searching revels that is a very common problem with these old Cinema Display power supplies.

the cord from the power supply to the display (with the oval plug) has only 3 wires (despite there being many more than 3 contacts inside the plug)—red: +24.5v, black: DC negative, and gray. gray is the “sense” wire that tells the display that the apple power supply being connected is of proper wattage. we can leave that wire not connected.

the 23” uses a 90 watt supply so I used a 24v 4 amp generic power brick and connected the red and black wires to the corresponding outputs of the power brick. plugged in the brick, connected the display to my MacBook, and the display lit right up.

your 30” display uses a 150 watt power supply, the safest route would be to buy a used Apple 150 watt PS, which I see on ebay for about $100. but if it were me, I would buy a 24v generic power brick rated at 7 amps or higher and roll your own.

disclaimer: since the apple PS’s are rated at 24.5 v there’s always a chance there might be a problem down the road. I chose to not buy a used Apple PS because there is no telling how long a used one will last, and they aren’t cheap. but this decision is mine alone and YMMV.

the bottom line in my mind, based on web research, is that the problem with suddenly-dead cinema displays is most likely due to bad power supplies, not the electronics inside the display.

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