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iPhone 6 Home button will not wake screen but works normally after

I have had a couple of devices lately where I complete a screen replacement and afterwards the home button will not wake the screen. It results in having to wake the screen using the power button. After the screen is active the home button works as normal.

Does anyone have any ideas what this may be?



Answer this question I have this problem too

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This is a symptom of damage to the chip on the home button flex, you can try a whole new home button link cable, but if that doesnt cure it its the home button assembly itself. Its possible to change the chip on the flex (usually just needs reballing), but its not a particularly nice job. You can also try another home button assembly and see if it works then, if you change it though it'll stop touch id working, but it would tell you one way or another whats wrong.

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You are telling this guy to reball a chip on the home button flex? You are clueless.

OP: Power down the phone before working on it, disconnect the battery before doing anything. After you replace the screen, do not power it up without the home button flex connected. I know it adds an extra step to the process but it eliminates home button/Touch ID issues.

Sorry for this guy's poor answer. There is no chip on that flex and even if there were, there would be no way to reball it.


Oh look......whats that we see next to those capacitors there, oh my god its the chip that the 'clueless' guy with 6 years experience in apple circuit board repairs said was there.....fancy that.


Oh look again, its someone changing that chip........and yes I know its a 7, but its the same on the 6, 6s etc, it talks to the chip that is under the glass behind the button itself.


My god look at this, this iphone 7 here has exactly the same issue as the posters iphone 6, and WOW what a coincidence, they changed that same chip I suggested and it solved the problem!

Just a tip for you, you may want to actually learn something yourself first before suggesting things to other people, I see you were asking about screws in iphone 7's back in june as you were rounding them off.....seriously, if you cant handle simple tri wing screws you have no business suggesting things to other people.


There is no chip on that 6s home button. Where are you seeing a chip?


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