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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Panasonic.

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Wont turn on..Front L>E>D. flashes 10 times

Panasonic TH-42PZ80U Television

Plug the power to TV the L>E>D> flashes 10 times....pauses then flashes 10 times...keeps repeating.

Ive opened the back cover thought I would try blowing out the dust change.

So I thought I would order a Main Brd. which I did and it hasn't arrived yet. So I was doing more research and Ive found the 2 IC's on 2 separate daughter boards on the Power Supply brd. so I sprayed then with refrigant to freeze them...I did one at a time...and I found one that once I sprayed it..and it was frozen I can power on the TV without any instead of replacing just that IC and the capistator I thought I would just replace the power board. My concern is on the Power Brd I see a number of NPX702MF-1A and Ive found that part on Ebay but I also see NPX702MF-1 which is a

little less expensive...would that brd work?...or what are the differences?

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@krc9529 you are absolutely right. The 10 Blink code is most commonly related to a failed PSU. The differences in those power boards may just be related to different version/layouts. Always make sure that the connectors are of the same type and in the same location. There are no good schematics out to do a side by side comparison. I would discuss this with the vendor and purchase it if it has a straight forward return policy.

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