Blue Bubble on Screen

I replaced my battery and now I have 2 blue bubbles that I can only see on a white screen about an inch above my home button. I'm pretty sure its cause by pressure because when pop the screen up it goes away. Please help me! Its really annoying. What is causing this and how can I fix this?

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Is the iPhone metal housing frame bent let's say around middle of phone?

This can cause uneven surface for all the components on the phone and can cause this issue.

Another reason is that the replacement battery is just too fat if you get what I mean.

What adhesive did you use under the battery?

Some adhesives may be too thick to use.

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Pretty sure it's the battery. Metal isn't bent so I'm just gonna ask for a new battery and see if that works. Thanks!


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Most likely an off brand battery might of expanded I would replace asap

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Try to take off the LCD shield plate and see if it comes back then. I have had few times little piece of glass or something hard between the shield plate and screen which causes pressure to the LCD.

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