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Randomly turns OFF and then ON

Samsung 46EH5000FX TV may run okay for hours, days or even weeks. But then it may just turn OFF and then after a few seconds or maybe minutes it will turn ON. At one time it seemed that I could reset it by unplugging and re-plugging the power cord. But that only seems to work sometimes. I have also replayed the power cord to eliminate that as a problem.

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This TV is mounted in an RV using a custom mount. If all else fails I will remove and pull the back cover. Is there a factory reset ? if so do you know what it is for this model? FYI... I know TV's today are much different than the tube and semi-solid state TV's in the 60'sand 70's, but I repaired TV's to put myself through college. Are schematics available on today's TV's? If so where?


@pinetopb official service manuals are not available. One can try and scour the internet to see if they have been published somewhere. A lot of times it works if one searches by model and/or chassis number


I did an internet search for Sams Technical Publications and they are still in business from when I used them in the 60's. They publish OEM manuals each month on all new TV's, Radios, monitors, etc. They had my exact OEM data with schematics for my 2012 Samsung TV for $20 choice of hardcopy or download, If they are the same as when I used them they contain not only schematics but pictorials of all the boards with component locations and designations, calibration instruction where needed, waveform pictures if trouble shooting a circuit, disassembly instructions and more.


Before I go any further can you tell me how to do a factory reset for this model? It also is in the Training Manual that you provided on your last post, but there is not instruction as to how to enter the factory mode. Thanks


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@pinetopb intermittent errors are the toughest to fix since troubleshooting is difficult. I would suggest that you remove the back of your set after you unplug it and then take a look at the boards. Check for bad capacitors (bulging/leaking etc.) check for burn marks on the PCB's as well as cable ends. Check for tears etc. Post some images of your boards etc. with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that, it will allow us to see what you see,

Update (08/12/2017)

@pinetopb sometimes all one has to work with are little things like this Samsung-Uexxes5000-Uexxeh5xxx-Uexxeh52xx.pdf

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