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Anyone know of a good tool belt for computer technicians?

I know this may be a completely random question, but I figured I'd ask all you awesome computer techs here on ifixit first

we have the issue in our office where we have multiple workstations, and if I'm working at one, i might walk with my tool to do work on another, and then leave it there.

I then waste countless hours every week looking for my proper tools when I need them

I've been wanting to get tool belts for myself and all of our employees so this doesn't continue to happen, but i'm not finding any for such small screwdrivers and tools.

does anyone know of a good alternative to use for this idea?

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Most people use a tool roll for the smaller tools. You could also use a fishing tackle box.

If you're handy you can get some canvas and sew it up to fit your tools. Thats what we did and had someone make a few up for us.

You could also buy one like what IFIXIT sells: iFixit Classic Pro Tech Tool Roll

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I like the idea of custom made. thanks for that!


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I like @danj use a tool roll its about the size off a paperback novel.Its small enough to carry in a fannie pac if you wanted to carry it on a belt . I got it here at ifixit

Pro Tech Toolkit

I do however carry a fuller multi tool on my belt .Find it very handy. Hope this helps

Imagem de Pro Tech Toolkit


Pro Tech Toolkit


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