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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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Would I be able to get a I7 board for it


I have a 17 MacBook pro 17 unibody with the following specs: 2.66C2D,4GB 1067 DDR3,NVIDIA 94/9600M GT video cards,and the usual others

My concern is how easily i can buy a 2.66 I7 or a 2.8 I7 board for it and upgrade it this way because this computer does work,but i plan on getting into more video editing with Final Cut Express sooner or later and ditching imovie but leaving it on

If i decide to do this,what would i need to swap and would it be worth it and what other parts would i have to swap becides the unibody itsself?


I found the cheapest for the board is 1,299$ at the cheapest

The unibody is 265.00 new on Ebay

God knows what else i need to swap

It does not look like it would be possible without spending $$ on parts that work!

I'll buy a I7 pro when i need it new!

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Hello nicksmacandpchelp!

I just did a little research for you on the matter, and it doesn't really seem like the i7 2.8GHz logic board for the 17-Inch MacBook Pro you own is really available right now. Even if it was, it would probably cost you about $800 which, unless you can afford it, is kinda steep. Naturally, you could make some of the money back by selling your own logic board afterwards, but it probably wouldn't cover all of the cost.

Bear in mind that you'll also need the right tools to replace the logic board. For this particular procedure, you'd definitely need a Spudger, and a #00 Phillips Screwdriver.

Naturally, you'll need to reference the MacBook Pro 17-inch Unibody Logic Board Replacement Guide in order to successfully do the replacement. This guide lists all of the necessary tools at the top as well.

At the end of it all, however, you've gotta ask yourself: is the additional 0.14GHz worth it? I understand the desire to upgrade, but it's probably not worth the risk, the expense, or the time. Your MacBook Pro is about three times better than mine, and mine will do everything you want yours to do (Final Cut and whatnot). So, really I'd just stick with what you've got. Not to mention, when you trade out the logic board, the serial number lasered into the bottom will no longer match that of the logic board, which would make Apple skeptical if you even had to take it to the Genius bar.

To sum it all up, I'd say no. It's definitely not worth it. But props to you for being willing to do it! :) Take care!

Spudger Imagem




Phillips #00 Screwdriver Imagem


Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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So I'm doing this upgrade right now. What prompted me to do it was when I was replacing the top case on my 2010, people on eBay advertised them (2011s) as being compatible. I bought a top case from a 2011 (keyboard and touchpad attatched) and it worked just fine with my 2010 board.

I have had to stop to order new parts: so far the differences I've found are:

1) different heatsink

2) different battery connector.

3) left speaker has only one connection on the 2011. My 2010 speaker has two wires. I covered the wire and have yet to discover the difference.

I will update you guys more when I'm complete.

A 2011 i7 17" MBP still sells for 1700 bucks. I bought this MOBO for $400, 16gb ram for $150 and I needed a new battery anyways ($80). Not too shabby! I was able to recoupe $360 for the sale of my 2010 board and ram.

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HI there Tiffy, how did the swap go in the end? Just to clarify you upgraded the logic board of a 2010 macbook pro 17" to a 2011 macbook pro 17"? Would really appreciate the details if you can, thank you! :)


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I`m thinking of swaping my board too.

It´s a 3.06 GHz core 2 Duo and I would like to have a i7 2.8 .

first of all : Sure it makes sense ! the i7 is a quad core !! and the architecture is different.

For almost every pro application, this is a big step in performance and, in my case, much less latency.

My question is :

does that board FIT in my 17" unibody ( bought it 2010 ). ??

Do all of the periferic parts fit in ?? and are the connections the same ?

That would be great !!

900 $ is much cheaper than a new MacBook Pro i7 2.8..hihi..

Where do I get one ??

Probably at a service point

And.. I´m not scared in doing it myself.. as long, as I know, that everything fits in.. ;-))

Thanks for any answer

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I'd like to know also if we can replace a 2009 C2D A1297 17" logic board to a 2011 Core I7 logic board. It is possible? The motherboards are equals? Thanks!

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guys, one of sellers on ebay offer " 661-5965 17" i7 2.2GHz logic board F Macbook pro A1297 MC725 2011 820-2914-B" for $658.

I have my 2010 i7 2.66 17in deassembled and 2010 i5 2.53 17 in deassembled. Let me know if need pictures. mengjin89@gmail.com

2011 mother board looks same to a 2010, but I doubt fan holes look same, look different to me. 2011 looks longer.

I would not do i5 2010 2.53 -> i7 2011 2.66, unless I am crazy for 18% increase CPU power in power.

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