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A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal, made by Ty Inc. Each toy has an inner "posable lining" and is stuffed with plastic pellets (or "beans") rather than conventional stuffing, giving Beanie Babies a flexible feel.

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How do I fix my beanie baby's chipped eyes and deteriorating fur?

I've had the King Charles spaniel beanie baby since I was a born and its had a lot of washes , because of this it's eyes have become chipped and the fur on the face is deteriorating. I can't replace the eyes or fur. Please help!

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Sadly, I am having the same exact problem with a “Fancy the white cat" beanie boo that i have had since I can remember and have been researching it for a while. I saw that you can use a wire dog brush and fabric softener to get out the knots in the fur. As for the eyes and nose I don't know how to fix them and I wouldn't suggest doing the technique with the wire dog brush if you think that your stuffed animals to delicate I'm too scared to do it online so I'm still researching it. Hope I could help!

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For the chipped eyes: I have used a product made by Testors (they make paint and glue for model cars, airplanes, etc.). It’s called “Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker.” Clean the eyes, use a little painter’s tape to tape the fur out of the way, and smoothly cover the eye surface. Leave it to dry/set/cure completely without touching, which will leave a mark on the finished repair. I’ve used it on lots of Beanie eyes and they finish up glossy and smooth. I don’t know if the repaired eyes can be washed without wrecking the finish. By the way, I have washed many regular Beanies in the washing machine, first putting them in a lingerie bag or pillowcase to protect the eyes. Then air dry. If it is a large one, I may pick out a few stitches to remove the pellet bag first and replace it after washing. They come out great.

For the deteriorating fur, I have no solution except to just accept that it is part of the life cycle of a well-loved stuffed animal. You can think of it as the patina of love.

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