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MBP powers down after 4 seconds (part 2)

In December I received great help from this site in relation to a MBP Model A1211 which would not power up properly. After trying all the suggestions and replacing a faulty fan with one previous ordered from iFixIt, the MBP worked again for all of 5 days. On days 6-7 the screen would suddenly go black while the laptop was in use. From day 8 onwards, I have been trying various tests and strategems, chiefly as suggested in answer to the "MBP powers down after 4 seconds". I once got the laptop to stay on for 5 minutes, long enough to retrieve the 10.6 installation disk from the drive, but that is the record time so far.

If the faulty fan has been replaced, where should I be looking next to get this laptop working again? Graphics card? Logic board?

Thank you in anticipation.

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The answer appears to have been "logic board". But I couldn't work that out from any other answers to this question...


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Remove the battery just to eliminate it. Start up from your original system installation disk and hold down the "D" key and see if you can get it to run without crashing. Let us know the results.

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