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iPhone still not turning on after battery and change port replacement

I have a phone that would power on and show the apple logo but would turn off right away, after replacing the battery and change port it now is ether shows charging or wont turn on at all.

any idea on what this will be and how to fix it?

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Your symptoms sound a lot like the Charging IC(s). I have repaired this issue several times and as recently as yesterday successfully. I would start by replacing the U2 (Tristar IC) chip first and should fix your issue. If not, move onto the Tigress IC that is right next to it.

I would add screenshot of chip location but I'm not sure what model Iphone you are referring to. Google search U2 and Tigress IC chip replacement and see if the symptoms match what you are experiencing and get back with me if you need more information or further troubleshooting steps on measuring voltages at battery connection Flex and Caps around these 2 IC's.

Good luck!

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Have you made sure all connectors are plugged in? Especially the LCD connectors?

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Being that I'm a tech, I know how to put a phone together, if a needed bull crap response like ths I wouldn't have asked ifixit I would have watched a repair video. Thanks, but no thanks


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