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Greyed out wifi and greyed out bluetooth problem...

Hey everyone,

Ok, so I replaced my battery a few days ago. Afterward, my wifi is greyed out and bluetooth is also greyed out (in settings). It's possibly a long screw damage issue, but i have seen zero incidents on the web regarding long screw damage with this wifi issue. I've tried all the software stuff (resetting network settings, restoring from backup, restoring to factory). I'm pretty sure it's a hardware thing. Literally started happening directly after replacing the battery. I've opened the phone back up to make sure i had all the connections snug. I've replaced the wifi antenna. Will replace wifi ribbon next, i guess.

I'm pretty sure I'm not skilled enough to replace the wifi chip. My phone did seem to get pretty hot after booting up with the new battery...not sure if that did something. Anyway, anyone ever experience this? Any ideas?


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board issue. Unless you are comfortable micro-soldering you need to consult someone who is trained. Sounds like the wifi chip

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I know this will sound unbelievable but I’ve been dealing with greyed out Wi-Fi for a year!! Contacted Apple support and they said hardware issue. Take it in for service. By pure chance I one day plugged my phone into a car charger when it was dead and when I turned it on Bluetooth and wifi were working!! It went off again (after about a week of solid working) so I tried again. Turn phone off... plug into car 12V charger....Turned it on and it has worked for 3 weeks now!!! Glad I didn’t pay for hardware repairs!! Hope it works for you!!!


Genius idea... and it worked!!!!

Many thanks to you :)


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