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Can't get rear camera back in

I ordered the camera off ebay. It doesn't seem to snap back into place. I tried reinstalling the old camera and it seems to work. The new camera is just a little off..

Are all the cameras on ebay pretty much the same (just different sellers)? I tried to pick a seller that sold a lot of them.

I don't think I'm doing anything on my part. I could try holding it in place and screwing it down with the plate, but I don't want to force it in there.

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eBay has a poor reputation among professional repair techs. That is usually where you will find the bottom of the barrel when it comes to parts. Small parts, such as cameras and flexes are even worse. So yes, it is possible that you have a camera that is out of spec and doesn't quite fit.

If you can easily insert your original camera but can't get the replacement one to squeeze in, then order a camera from a reputable supplier, like iFixit. You can follow this guide.

Imagem de iPhone 6 Rear Camera


iPhone 6 Rear Camera


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Check the Apple Part # on the ribbon of the camera.

iPhone 6 camera - Apple part # 821-2460-03

iPhone 6 Plus camera - Apple Part # 821-2208-04

iPhone 6S camera - Apple Part # 821-00027-03

Unfortunately, they are all slightly different specs and are not compatible with different models.

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