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The PowerBeats2 Wireless Headphones by Dr. Dre is a set of in-ear headphones designed for the active user.

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Headphones were washed and won't work!

How to fix washed headphones so they work again, if possible?

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It's not surprising that your headphones do not work after washing. Did you dip them in water or just wiped them with a wet cloth? In any case, if water has entered the headphones and you can dismantle the covers, etc. check whether you can find wet parts. If you find water inside any place wipe it carefully with a dry cloth or paper napkins and leave them open to dry in the air. If this was the cause they should work once you put them back together. Of course there is always the chance that the water may have shorted and burnt some components in which case send them to the service facility or buy yourself a new pair (it may be cheaper than having them repaired). Oh, don't forget to check the batteries too.

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