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Ear Speaker not working after repair

I want to throw my example into the pile because I believe now that their is an ear speaker problem that can originate outside of the front camera flex and the screen. Specifically the one where only the ear speaker stops working but everything else is fine. I had this problem come up on a phone and I was able to get another working iphone 7+ and just attach the entire assembly to the phone and it still didnt solve the problem and it was fine when I reattached it to the original phone This is also after trying two new ear speakers and front camera assemblies. I really feel like we need to also start looking outside of the screen assembly for a cause to this problem because it seems like elsewhere on the forums people are still having this issue.

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will the speaker work when you are on a phone call?


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Well you could have pried off something near the flex cable connector. What tool did you use to disconnect the front camera cable?

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I have noticed that poor screen quality can also cause the device to malfunction.

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