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Correct HDD For This PowerBook?

I know I'm suppose to buy an PATA, IDE HDD for my powerbook, however is confusing me.

I saw this listing:

"Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 2.5 Inch, 8 MB Cache, 5400 RPM SATA II WD5000BEVT"

I felt fairly comfortable buying this drive, yet concerned by the SATA in the description.

In one of the reviews the writer said they had a "MacBook Aluminum (13" - Late 2008)" and this drive did fit their powerbook.

They even finished by saying "I am extremely satisfied with this drive, and would definitely recomend it to any MB/MBPro owner who wants to upgrade the hard drive."

My question is I know I want a 2.5" drive that's also a PATA, IDE. So will this 500GB drive truly fit my 1.67MHz 15" powerbook?

And when I'm looking at other drives is it more important to watch for 2.5", PATA, or IDE? And if they don't break it down that much what should be the main factor to look for?

Thanks MackDog

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That's a SATA drive and will not work for you. Here is a link to four drives that will:

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Thanks Mayer. The problem is I received a gift certificate for Amazon and so I need to buy my hard drive there.

So would you please enumerate exactly what I need to look for in the HDD I would run across on their site?

Thanks again! MackDog


Just go to Amazon and do a search for "ata hard drive & 2.5"", I found 364 drives


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