iPhone 6 dead, no short found

I have a water damaged iPhone 6. As usual I fully cleaned the motherboard using alcohol. Tested the board using multimeter, no short found in both vcc_main and batt_vcc lines. The voltage readings are correct (above 5v) for caps around Tristar and Tigris chip.

But the phone still won't turn turn on with a good battery! Can anyone help me??

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If your main power lines appear to be okay, then you ned to move upstream. I would check the voltages generated by the PMIC (U1202). The PMIC creates all of the power rails necessary for the proper functioning of the device. Start with PP_CPU, PP_GPU, PP_1V8_SDRAM, PP1V2_SDRAM and the VAR_SOC lines. Check for shorts (warning, CPU & GPU are low resistance rails) and then proper voltages.

Come back and report your findings by commenting on my answer.

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Do you have one of those adapters that you plug in to a DC bench power supply and plugs directly into the battery connector to switch on the phone?

Use that and it should be able to turn on and display the amperage current draw from the DC bench PSU.

Note that you will need to either use the power button or short the power button pins for the power button connector on the logic board to power on the phone.

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DC power supply is your next step to see what category of problem you have. Phones can die equally from a power problem--one of the power lines is short to ground or from data line problems--a bad chip, short to ground, open line, or static on a data communication line.

Your best tool is to look at the pattern of corrosion under the microscope--where did water hit this phone? This is assuming you've taken off the shields and cleaned the board.

Post your findings on visual exam for more guidance.

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hi jessa i have an iphone 6 that wont turn on there is no liquid damage but first the phone stop showing image but backlight was working

and now when i turn it on by power supply it stucks on 0.14 amp i dont have a short checked everywhere

but pp_cpu shows 1.56 which i check on noun good board it is 2.26 is that my problem?


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I have a problem fixing one iPhone 6 that won't turn on but it will always show me low battery signal to charge it and when I plug it to charge it won't charge and won't turn on, I used new batteries and still the same way please help .

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