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Mic and earpiece don't work unless I turn on and off the speaker

Sometimes when I receive a phone call my mic and earpiece don't work and I have to turn on the speaker for 1sec.. The same problem happens even when I have my headphones connected! Headphones are dead (both speakers and mic) unless I turn the speaker on and off.. also when I record video (sometimes) sound not recorded.. that means non of the iPhone's microphones work..

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The iPhone 6 has three mics on it. In order to test each of them you must take a video with the back camera using the stock camera app to test the one on the back. Ask Siri a question and see if she hears you for the second mic. Then make a phone call talking on the handset to Test the third. If all three mics work in those scenarios then it most likely isn't a hardware issue. For the earpiece speaker, record a voice memo and play it back. Make sure when you begin play back, you hit the speaker icon in the top right corner to make it turn blue and see if you can hear the recording. If that works as well then there is a 99% chance it is a software issue. Try resetting your settings first. If that doesn't work, do a backup and then reset the phone. If that doesn't work, do a restore with iTunes.

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All mics work fine, I restored the iphone and I have replaced tha charging dock.


so is it working now?


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