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Bad cell reception after Lightning connector repair


A couple of days ago, I repaired an iPhone 5 Lightning connector assembly with a replacement from your store (https://eustore.ifixit.com/en/Parts/iPho...). After putting the SIM card in and rebooting the phone, cell coverage was showing only 1/5 on 3G and no 4G reception at all.

After noticing the bad coverage, I have tried the following things:

1. Resetting network settings (Settings -> General...)

2. Reattaching the antenna cable

3. Reattaching the Lightning assembly ribbon cable

4. Unscrewing and screwing all the screws involved in the repair process

To confirm, all of the extra components from the old assembly were transferred to the replacement part.

I believe this is a hardware fault rather than a software fault. Should I try factory resetting the phone, or straight up contacting iFixit Customer Support?

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If you reatach the old Lightning assembly is your phone coverage going up?


@soros Reassembled the phone now, and yup.. immediately got 4/5 bars on 4G after attaching the old Lightning assembly. Didn't even screw it in and it worked. Should I contact customer support?


Yes you should.


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@kopo942 you just found by yourself the answer, you got a defective charging port assembly .

Contact customer support and have them send another one and hope for the best, it happens to get defective ones from time to time.

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