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A multi-function laptop in the, now discontinued, L640 series by Toshiba.

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Reset. Restore to factory settings

While trying to clean out my laptop, I deleted the operating system. Now there's nothing. Can I retrieve that myself? For free?!

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How did you delete your OS? What OS was it? Also, where there files you needed on there?


It sounds like you might've deleted the OS partition off the drive, however I could be wrong. Now normally I'm not sure if you can do a simple factory reset or might be forced to do a fresh install of windows. But yeah as the previous comment asks how did you delete the OS?


Hi, what operating systems does it come with?


It came with Windows7 and was recently upgraded to Windows10.


@stonednewfie , follow my link in my answer to download the Windows 10 disk. You can use that to reinstall either from a thumb drive or DVD.


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1) Try this to reset to factory

IF that didn't work

2) If your computer came with Windows 7, can be downloaded free here. Use the sticker on the bottom of the computer to reinstall.

3) If you upgraded to Windows 10, download it from here:

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You should revise your answer to say "If you computer came with Windows 10, use this:"

And "if your PC came with Windows 7, use this to reinstall it:"

You should also mention that you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

"If you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 if you don't have it already, you can do it for free here:

One other thing, the PC may have had Windows 8.


@Pccheese, the free Windows 10 upgrade you mention is intended for accessibility users. There actually may be a chance if this continues to be abused that Microsoft will ask users to prove blindess or other qualifying disabilities. Second off he needs a working Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10.


The disability upgrade is the definition of a backdoor. Someone in Microsoft wanted Windows 10 free to upgrade, so they left the door unlocked. If they had any reason to lock it they would.


@pccheese, yes I know what it is. When was the last time a good thing was NOT killed off once it was abused?


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