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Back Camera + Flash Not Working


I have a 6S which was water damaged. I removed the IC EMF shields and cleaned with alcohol, and now it works, albeit not great. The major issue I have is I have tried 3 different back cameras, I have tried hard reset and factory reset and it still doesn't work.

Is there a specific IC I need to replace? Could it be the U2301 because I heard that that is also responsible for the front camera, and mine works fine, so I am not sure.

Thank you so much

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Why would you change U2301? Is there anything you tested or probed that leads you to believe that is the problem? You do realize that U2301 doesn't exist on the iPhone 6S ;>).

Go to page 22 of the iPhone 6S schematics and probe the main RCAM voltage rails, PP2V85_RCAM_AVDD_CONN, PP1V2_RCAM_DIGITAL_CONN & PP1V8_RCAM_CONN as well as their associated filters to see if something is blown or not working properly. While your at it, you should also check RCAM_TO_LED_DRIVER_STROBE_EN_CONN.

Get back to me with your findings if you have any other questions.

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PP1V2_RCAM_DIGITAL_CONN Is missing and no present from pmu , what mean digital_conn


RCAM_TO_LED_DRIVER_STROBE_EN_CONN. Is that important because there is no any voltage in this point !


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