Both iPhone Camera's Not Working

Both my iphone 6s cameras (front and back) have stopped working after a drop, I have restored my phone because i thought it could be a software issue but it's not, all microphones still work though and everything else works as normal so does anyone have any idea of what's happened and what will need to be replaced and how i would go about replacing it.

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Though difficult to diagnose or give suggestions without being able to inspect it, I would first do what you have it and unplug battery before starting. Then attempt to reseat the connectors. 2nd I would try a hard reset by holding the home and power buttons down for 10 seconds or so to reboot. Connect to iTunes and do a backup, in case you lose power, or some other issue occurs so you don't lose data. Maybe even doing #3 first....

Does your flash or flashlight still work?

It could be a hardware issue where a component has broken a solder joint and would need microsoldering done.

You could even restore your phone to see if it is software, but doubt it since the symptoms began after a drop.

If none of the above work, you could try to find a micro soldering shop close to you locally or look through the pros here on iFixit and you may be able to find someone where you can mail the phone in for repair at a reasonable cost most don't charge if the repairs unsuccessful so you have nothing to lose that way

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Maybe when you drop your phone the shock was fort the camera was move from is place or the cable from the logique board

Good luck

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iv already taken the camera out and reconnected it so i don't think it's that


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Don't really know how useful it will be for iPhone 6s but the "fix 6" given here worked for my iPhone 6.

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You can make the the iPhone camera working by installing Cydia for iOS 11 on it.

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