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Replaced Broken Screen, but still no display - just white light?

My husband dropped his iPod Touch (32 GB) while working out on treadmill. Smashed screen and digitizer but could still see the LCD home screen and notifications. I replaced it with this which is a pre-assembled glass/digitizer/chassis bezel. This seemed to go well, but now there is no picture at all. I thought perhaps it needed charging so I plugged it in for several hours - still nothing. When I plug it in, it does "sound" like it's connecting to a charge, and when I plug it into his iTunes account it says it is updating his iPod. Still nothing shows on the iPod screen. NOTE: I did check the LCD connection, and it appears to be properly connected.

UPDATE: Looking closely, I see that under the ribbon connection in the upper left corner of the iPod Touch screen, one of the "teeth" on the connection is missing. I do not know if this is part of the motherboard and/or if this missing tooth basically makes the iPod unfixable. Does anyone have an answer to this? I am waiting for a new LCD screen to arrive. Will this even help? (…or anything else?) Thanks!

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Hey Pat,

So I was looking at the repair manual for the 3rd gen iPod touch, you can see it here, and it looks like the cable you are describing with a pin potentially missing is the touch screen connection cable mentioned in step 8.

If thats the case, I don't think that a missing pin in the touch screen connection would cause a completely display failure. More likely the display data cable, pictured in step 15 was unseated. However, again that is unlikely because it is pretty protected underneath a metal tray and the display itself– but it could be your solution.

Also, I did some looking around for similar problems and this thread parallels your problem's symptoms pretty well; the bummer is the solution at the end looks like a logic board replacement :(

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Eric. I followed you through your response, and both aspects which you mentioned were accurate. First, the missing pin is indeed in the touch screen connection cable as seen in Step 8. And secondly, the display data cable was another aspect which I checked (Step 15)- but it appears to be solidly connected.

The odd part is that before I removed the smashed screen/digitizer and replaced it, we could still see the display and messages (but the touch screen was unusable). Then as soon as I changed it, allw e have is white light.

I will follow through on the thread about the logic board replacement, and HOPE that this is not my problem. I'll let you know eventually if we find a solution.

Thanks so much! Pat


Hey Pat, Also be sure to try oldturkey's suggestion and the one I mentioned in my comment to see if that helps :)


After I replaced the broken screen with the pre-assembled screen/digitizer, initially I only had a bright white screen. After following your directions, I went through it again, and tightened everything up. Then I made sure that the ribbon connecting the screen to my iPod was securely connected, and now.... AMAZINGLY, I was able to give my husband back a WORKING iPod Touch. Thanks so much!


Pat O Congratulations on your success. All you have left now is to accept the answer so that we know that this question is solved. Great job and congratulations again....:-)


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Pat O try this one. Got this out of my note book but can not give credit to the author since I do not remember "hold the home button then while still holding down the home button hold volume up button then while still holding those buttons go head and hold the power off button and hold that until you see the apple sign" this is supposedly one of the fixes for the "white screen of death" Who knows it may just work, and it's cheaper than a logic board.

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I am not sure if this is the correct command or if yours is correct, but this is from the apple support forum:

Problem: Display shows white screen

1) Turn iPod touch off and turn it on again.

2) If the iPod will not turn off, try to reset it. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or battery symbol appears.

3) If the battery symbol appears, continue to charge iPod touch until it is fully charged.

4) If that doesn't work, try restoring the iPod. See this article for assistance.

Found that here:


You guys are awesome...... I just "fixed' My 13 year old daughter's ipod touch in time for the week-end!!!!!"mom of the year award in her eyes"...It had the "nightmare white screen"

Thank you!!!!!! I did the 'reset" holding the home button, the volume up button and then pressed down on the power button for about 15 seconds....and the Apple icon appeared it is now charging nicely>>>>>

Thank you again!!!!


YES!! I had the same thing happen...I replaced the screen on my 4gb ipod mini (3rd gen) and re-assembled it only to find a blank white screen. I held down the 'menu' button and middle 'enter' button for ten seconds. the apple logo came up, and then a few seconds later 'bingo', the screen came up!!

This works!!


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can you replace teeth on the lcd connector if some are missing on a ipod 4th generation while trying to replace the lcd

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Or do I have to replace the chip board?


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