Caller can't hear me after port change

I've changed the charging port on a 6s and when I checked it everything was working as it should, now the mic has stopped working on calls. I can be heard when in loud speaker and hands free only, there was a metal shim on the mic at the right of the port that I couldn't get off the old one so I hadn't replaced it. Could this be causing the issue?

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I recommend testing the charging ports before install, most functionality coming from it if possible.

Sounds like a faulty charging port (main microphones on the port not working). I suppose it could of went faulty from being improperly installed (tear in ribbon cable / puncture).

I have replaced them before, but not really sure what metal shim you are referring to.

Are you referring to this in step 46:

iPhone 6s Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

There is black tape covering a screw hole for a metal cover for an antenna cable.

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Hi, thanks for your response. I've done loads of charging ports and never had an issue before, if you look at step 55 there is a spudger on the mic with the metal shim which was missing on my replacement charging port.


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