Is a NAND Chip replacement possible on a 6s plus?

Is it possible to replace a faulty NAND Chip on the 6s plus?

I've seen videos such as...

Which seem to make it possible, just looking to hear from anyone with experience at all? and preferably a recommendation for someone who can do the work? *UK Based*

Many thanks!

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This is possible in China, some workshops offer this as a service.

However the equipment cost easily exceeds hundreds or even thousands of dollars so it is nonsense for DIY repair technicians.

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You can thank REWA for causing big problems with Apple ID's!

They are the ones that were using the 'Check your iPhone website' to find unlocked serial numbers which they failed to realize were in use by other people's iPhones so all of a sudden iCloud was seeing two iOS devices using the same serial numbers! Many people complained to Apple for locking their phones and iCloud accounts where locked up as the iCloud ID's security keys didn't match after the new device came online. No ones stuff was at risk as the system was designed to lock up if the keys didn't match.


I don't think that is a widespread issue. Apple designed the activation lock to recognize devices with unmodifiable identity like the IMEI, it is not possible to duplicate IMEI now and the whole identity data also includes CPU ECID, board and device S/N and other data. Maybe activation lock spoof existed with iPhone 4 but not with any device with Qualcomm basebands.


@tomchai - Our company had 4 iPhones which were bought new hit! Two I know were 5se iPhones.


I mean they could use iPhone 4 to spoof as new phones, apple has since blocked that, I don't know any new exploits that allow activation lock spoofing.


It wasn't spoofing to gain access to iCloud (someones data) it was sealing the S/N to enable a rebuilt phone.


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