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Keyboard Blacklight doesn't work after Ram upgrade

Yesterday I personally upgraded the Ram of my macbook pro, before closing the case I cleaned some dust from the fan and around it. I closed it and everything seemed to be ok, but when it became evening I noticed the backlight won't light up.

After some research I found a Macbook pro teardown, and I was able to see what cable connects the logicboard to the keyboard. It seemed fine, even disconnected the cable and connected it again. Didnt work.

So my question is, should I keep looking at the logicboard or is somehow my keyboard unit broken?

Thanks in advance,


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It's got to be in your keyboard cable or logic board connectors. To make sure just replace the original RAM.

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Thanks for your response, will try to put back the old ram and check the cables again ;)


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If your keyboard works, but the keyboard backlight does not, most likely you need to reconnected the keyboard backlight ribbon. You may have knocked it loose while upgrading ram. Look to the logic board removal guides on here, the keyboard backlight connector is very delicate and has a flip up mechanism that you need to flip up before removing the ribbon. Then very carefully reinsert the ribbon. Insert it very far in. I usually use the back of a pair of tweezers/ or a spudger to get it way in there then flip back down the connector.

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