iPhone 6 new battery very fast drain

I change a battery, than the mobile is very fast drain. I not use the mobile, than the battery is drop low, 20% after 3 hours.

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Anyone with this problem? Started happening about 2 days after phone was paid for??? Had new battery put in, no change. Can charge it up to 100% in the evening, (unplug for safety reasons), by morning its down to almost 0. Any suggestions??


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You most likely have a poor quality replacement battery. You will need to get a good quality replacement battery from a reputable supplier. iFixit sells good batteries but they may not ship to your location.

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iPhone 6 Replacement Battery


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You either have a faulty battery, or you've damaged the tristar chip in the phone from using cheap cables.

If that is the case, you'll have to get someone who can micro solder a new tristar chip on. :-)

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I changed it , because the mobile not turn on , I dont see the battery icon .


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Is the phone able to be switched on when you turn the phone off and plug into charger after?

If not then U2 Tristar Charging IC is definitely bad.

If the battery doesn't show any signs of charging once it goes flat, same as above.

Do note that a bad or clogged up charging port can cause phone not to charge completely.

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