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A 14.1 MP camera released in 2012. The Nikon Coolpix L310 support and repair information.

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My camera keeps saying "Memory card is write protected" and won't let

My camera keeps saying "Memory card is write protected even though it is not. I am not able to format it either in camera. Please advice :)

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Hi Ram,

Quick fix: Should see a small grove on the side of your card, opposite of the lock switch. If you cover it with a small piece of tape you should be able to format in your camera. Be careful not to cover the contacts also make sure you secure the tape as you don’t want it falling off. Best of luck!

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Thanks so much Alex :) I will try it and let you know.


Alex, I just tried it and my camera asked me if I wanted to format it, said yes, formatted it and the camera asked me to turn it off. turned it on and it still says memory card is write protected.


Is the lock switch positioned at the top or bottom of the card? Depending on the device it may be necessary to tape the actual lock, very thin layer (1).


The lock swithch is positioned at the bottom of the SD card. I will try a thin tape later this afternoon and let you know. Thanks!


@pickleballpro, When you use tape tension it well around the switch and make sure it doesn't cover any contacts.


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Camera saying all my cards are write protected and they aren't

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