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Why is my iPhone 5 not turning on after disconnecting screen?

I took off my screen because my front camera wasnt working and when i connect everything back it wont turn back on like it usually does the phone gets hot when i hold the power button so i know its on but nothing from the screen. I am thinking about buying a new screen but any ideas? I didnt touch anything but disconnecting the screen and disconnecting the battery

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Disconnect the battery and screen, make sure your connections are not damaged or crimped in any way. Reconnect the screen first, insuring all connections are secure, install the plate to insure the connection is kept as the iPhone 5 connections can lift up easily with very little movement. Connect the battery and you’ll have reseat the screen to attempt a soft rest (hold power button and home button until you see the apple logo).

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Didn't work sadly.


Sounds like a blown backlight filter. Probably still detects booted up in iTunes.


@benjamen50 I dont remember being near that though. All Iiterally did was disconnect the screen after i turned off the phone and i tried to fix the place of the camera flash part and it wouldnt come back on after that, I did drop the phone on its face a couple times but it worked fine lets see how the new screen works. old screen was beat up.


all of those small components are cover by a black plastic shield so theres no way i could of accidentally pried at them or anything


If the battery is left plugged in and you plug or unplug the screen LCD cable it is possible to blow the backlight filter that way.


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