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Slow to recognize SIM


When I insert my SIM card, the status in the upper left corner is slow to update from No SIM to the name of the provider.

Same happens when I remove the SIM card. Then it takes a minute till the status in the upper left corner of the screen is updated to 'No SIM'.

Sometimes it won't update at all, even slowly. Then A reboot will do the trick.

I want to know what causes this and how it can be fixed since I need to resell this phone.

Any help is highly appreciated :)

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You might want to do a full restore in DFU mode and see if that solves your issue, but from your description it doesn't sound like an overly disturbing matter. Some phones are faster that others of the same model, but since there's a quite complex operating system behind I've always considered these small glitches acceptable. I'm sure some of the real true experts here around will be able to better enlighten both of us ;)

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I buy iPhones quite often to resell them. I do a DFU restore on all of them to make sure all software is installed properly etc.

It's annoying, but I'm kind of a perfectionist and want it top notch for the next owner :)

Phone is 3 years old, that might be the cause of it being so slow to update the SIM status.

Thanks for your answer Arbaman


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