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Which component is the microphone for the speakerphone?

Hello all,

When I'm using the speakerphone on my iPhone 6, the mic does not work well at all - I'm told it breaks up badly or I can barely be heard. Siri seems to catch only part of what I say.

I suspect this is a result of the screen replacement I did a few months ago. The problem is, I don't know where the speakerphone mic is, so I'm not sure if I didn't connect it right, or didn't place it correctly when re-assembling the phone. Can someone point out where the hardware is, and if applicable, what I may have done wrong?

For that matter, if there is a known issue/common problem/common pitfall with the mic that I should be aware of, I'm all ears.

Thank you much,


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The mic is on the screen , it comes on the same flex with the front camera, proximity sensor and light sensor.

To test if you have a problem with it you make a video with the front camera in which you talk and then you listen to see if the recording went well.

Block Image

The most common issue is that sometimes the mic is not properly align with the hole (red dot inside the square) in the screen.

Block Image

Or look at the bottom of the phone to see if is not covered with dust the main mic

Block Image

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That turned out to be it. Thanks everyone for chiming in, and my apologies for not coming back to this sooner.


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Check you removed the sticky tab for the mic from the new screen when you fitted it.

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I have a similar problem. Video with the front facing camera is good. Siri completely good but rear camera video has no sound and when on a call using speaker phone the other person can’t hear me


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