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The Sennheiser RS 120 is an RF wireless headphone system with open, supra-aural headphones.

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We get the red light, but not the green light, and we get static

WE do not get green light and just static. Is there anyway I can fix this?

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Didn’t mention anything about green light which indicates they’re charged & ready for use,

. Our red light is on for days (with headphones in cradle) but the green light never on.


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On the front of the transmitter there is the battery charging indicator light and when the battery is charging this indicator will light up RED. Any time the battery is charging (ie: the headphones are on the charging cradle) this light will be lit RED and it will NOT turn off until the headphones are removed from the charger.

NOTE: The batteries cannot be overcharged because Sennheiser utilizes "trickle charge" technology so that once a battery is charged the charging switches to a lower level to maintain the battery's full charge.

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What about the green light? What if the green light comes on at first but after about 5 minutes after I take the headphones off the cradle the green light goes out and the static begins.


despite removing from charger , red light is persistently on leading to battery drain????


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@kmm ,

Did you try replacing the batteries in case they are failing and not fully recharging?

Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan

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May not be a battery or charging issue. Lack of green light could well be problem with audio source connection or setting. ie is audio out turned on via a setting

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I’ve had the HDR 185 for three years. They work well.

But once a year, the red light stays on for weeks.

I fully charged the batteries with a Panasonic BQ-CC17 Eneloop charger. But it’s still red on the Panasonic base.

The last time it happened, it finally turned green one day. So keep using it.

There’s definitely a problem in the circuit.

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