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black screen, troubleshoot but no luck :(

hi im looking for a miricale right now, ive replaced screens on iphones loads of times. this time the screen was working fine as normal. i went to sandwich the halves together in reassembely when the screen went purple/black. this kept happening until i disconnected the ribbon cabels. when reassembeling *again* i had no life in my phone.

things i know:

screen assembly is 110% fine

battery is 110% fine

it turns on with nothing shown and is recognised by itunes but vibrate button has no effect

things ive tried:

soft and hard resets


connector dustings

trying old screen again

i think i may have blown something as the new screen i put on didnt have the insulating pads that usually come on OEM ones.

plz snd hlp

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I would get one of these guys to see if there's any power being supplied to the battery. A good iphone battery should read anywhere from .80 amps to 1.50 amps. The volts aren't too important, unless you see it go below 3v or higher than 6


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It sounds like your backlight ic chip on your motherboard has failed. Try and shine a flashlight at the screen to see if you can see anything on the screen. It is not very common but more common when using lower quality screens in replace of the original screens. If not backlight, then you would need to take to a professional to get repaired.

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If you can connect to iTunes your power supply is fine.

It does sound like you may have blown out your backlight. This is caused by either not having the battery disconnected while plugging in the new screen or even from esd (electro static discharge)

The best way to test this is to try another screen. You mentioned trying the old screen which tells me it's probably the backlight chip on your board. You can look for a place near you that offers microsoldering and they should be able to repair the chip for around $100.

Another way to tell if it is your backlight is to go into a dark room and power on. You should still be able to see a very faded apple logo appear on the screen.

One more theory: possible long screw damage. When you pressed the screen into the frame you may have pushed a screw down into the board and caused the long screw damage. Again, there should be a place to send your phone to that has proper equipment to see and fix this.

Best of luck

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