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The GE Profile Tri-Temp is a free-standing water dispenser with an integrated chilled compartment.

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Why is the water getting a bad taste?

the water is good when we put it in but isn't at time it's dispensed?

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The materials of construction of the modern water conditioner will not supportbacterial growth, nor will these materials contaminate a water supply. In addition,during normal use, a conditioner may become fouled with organic matter, or in somecases with bacteria from the water supply. This may result in an off-taste or odor inthe water.Thus, your conditioner may need to be disinfected after installation. Someconditioners will require periodic disinfection during their normal life.

Sodium or Calcium HypochloriteApplicationThese materials are satisfactory for use with polystyrene resins, synthetic gel zeolite,greensand and bentonites.5.25% Sodium HypochloriteThese solutions are available under trade names such as Clorox*. If stronger solutionsare used, such as those sold for commercial laundries, adjust the dosage accordingly.

1. Dosagea. Polystyrene resin; 1.2 fluid ounce per cubic foot.b. Non-resinous exchangers; 0.8 fluid ounce per cubic foot.

2. Brine tank conditionersa. Backwash the conditioner and add the required amount of hypochlorite solution to the brinewell of the brine tank. The brine tank should have water in it to permit the solution to becarried into the conditioner.b. Proceed with the normal regeneration.Calcium HypochloriteCalcium hypochlorite, 70% available chlorine, is available in several forms includingtablets and granules. These solid materials may be used directly without dissolvingbefore use.

1. Dosage

a. Two grains (approximately 0.1 ounce) per cubic foot

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