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Guides and repair information for 49cc gas-powered scooters.

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No start on electric starter

My scooter starts fine with kick starter but has no spark when I try to use electric starter.

It has new battery and ignition coil and plug.

Turns over fine just won't catch

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@lawless sounds like a wiring issue. What make and model is your scooter?


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I have a Yamaha tweet 50cc kick start works but not electric starter l have new battery new starter botton n spark plug what else can it be

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Check for spark at your spark plug. Replace after testing the CDI. (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) Replace coil wire. Check the starter relay with a voltmeter. Next check the voltage regulator. The last worst-case test is your Stator. Can also be your timing is off. I just performed all these steps except replacing the Stator but that tested alright with the meter. I still think 1 of the New ignition wires is grounding out my kill switch, ran fine until I replaced the New Ignition Module Assembly because I lost my keys. I will post when I resolve Which Wire is the Problem.! P.S. Electric start working fine now after changing some wires around on the ignition( New 1 has 5 wires and only 4 connect. The kickstart will not start it though, barely turns the engine.

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