battery temperature too low too charge

dropped my samsung in water now battery is to low too charge

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sandra before charging the phone I would suggest cleaning the phone and not trying to turn it on . A water damaged phone can be saved if dealt with properly unless were dealing with a new Samsung that's water tight . If you have properly cleaned the phone and got it dried out(stay out of the rice its useless) I would always recommend replacing the battery . Water and lithium Ion batteries don't mix. They tend to swell and all kinds of bad things happen . If you let use know which Samsung phone you have and if you've cleaned the motherboard we can give you better info on what you should be doing. Hope this helps

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Mine is a Samsung Galaxy A5, supposed to be water resistant. Dropped it in water and its now reading battery temperature too high. Its not self serviceable so I can't even open it to clean the motherboard.


this is just a safety feature on samsung phones it has detected moisture in the charging port. get some isopropyl alcohol and clean the charging port with a toothbrush.


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Are you getting an error that is telling you this?

If so, the chances are that the battery is defective and giving you a false error.

I'd suggest a battery replacement, but with water damage it could be quite a far reaching problem.

Let me know if this helps.

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Well, got that message after my Xiaomi redmi fell. I opened the phone and discovered a loose battery clip. Clipped it tight, turned on phone. Problem solved!

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