My tv remote is broken and my tv wont turn on when I press the power b

My tv remote was broken by someone in the family and the remote is missing but i cant turn the tv on by pressing the power button on the tv itself, it does have power but it was switched off with the tv remote and now it wont turn on.

The tv displayed above is not the correct one its an older 39" model which is 3D compatible

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Hi @stephangtboy ,

What is the model number of your TV?

Have you tried a power reset?

Switch off the wall power outlet and unplug the TV from the power outlet, press and hold the TV power button for 30 seconds then release the button, reconnect the power cord to the outlet and switch on the outlet, then turn on the TV by pressing the Power button and see what happens.

If the power light comes on the TV when the wall outlet is switched on what does it indicate when you try to turn it on? Does it blink at all and if so is there a pattern to the blinks e.g. 4 blinks pause 4 blinks pause or 2 blinks pause 2 blinks pause etc.


@jayeff the model no. Is : STY0139 3D and i tried to reset it now and it only blinks once then the pause until it blinks again.


@jayeff i just tried it again but when the power switch(not power button) is switched off then the light flashes once


Hi @stephangtboy ,

Is the power light on permanently when the power is connected or only flashes when switched off?

At the moment I can't find much info on your model, but would suggest that you remove the back cover off the TV (with the power disconnected) and check for bulging (domed) or leaking capacitors on the power board (board where the power cord connects to)


There is another power switch on the tv at the bottom of the tv and if that switch is switched of then the light flickers and the light is permanently on when the power is connected and the power switch(on the tv which is seperate) is on


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