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TV Won't Turn On

The TV will not turn on, neither the remote nor the button on the TV will get it to turn on. However, there is a small red light on near the power button, so I believe the power supply is working.

Prior to this the screen had a few horizontal multicolored stripes of dead pixels, and the TV would occasionally turn off with a click, and randomly turn back on again.

Is it fixable?


Edit: I know Samsung TVs and other electronics had a problem with capacitors failing, and according to the model code the TV was manufactured in 2008. Could failed capacitors be causing this problem?

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Hi Jacob.

Bad capacitors could very well be the problem.

Probably the most common issue with TV's, and not just Samsung. (They just had the biggest shitstorm) Also LG, Sony and so on.

I would go for this, as a first attempt of trying to fix the issue.

If you know your way around the basic electronics, you should go look for bad capacitors, most likely on the PSU board.

Remember to check the ESR (internal resistance) of the capacitor, not just the value i Farads.

Best Anders

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Thanks for the information, when I get time I'll take a look at the boards in the TV


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There are class action law suits against Samsung on this well known issue, sometimes they will send a tech out for a free repair:

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I too had a very similar problem with a 49" Samsung TV. After opening it, found there were 2 blown caps. Went to local electronic store, grabbed a soldering iron and replacement caps that matched, and after replacing them, TV was back up and running.

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