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iPhone 6s battery draining fast even after replacement battery twice!

Hi ,

Guys I replace my battery because it was draining fast

but I notice it still draining fast , better than original battery but still draining fast

so I was thinking maybe the new battery is defective

So I replace battery again

and still it's draining fast !!!

What is the problem ?

Is there something else will make my battery draining fast ??

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Been using cheap cables I guess?

You have damaged the tristar chip, when this is damaged, it can drain the battery extremely quickly.

You would need to take it to someone who does microsoldering, and can replace the tristar chip. :-)

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I never ever used a cheap cable , I used the original cable came with iPhone


Any liquid damage? Any recent drops? Charging in car? So you've never ever used a friends cable when you haven't got yours?


I always have a cable with me , I use I power bank from Anker

the same power bank I used before iPhone 6s , I never have problem with battery on my old iPhone

and no there isn't any liquid damage

BTW my iPhone 6s had a problem with battery that Apple talk about

But in my country there isn't apple store


Is IC or U2 or Tristar is different name but same chip ?


Yes basil same chip.


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Hi, I still have the same issue even after new battery and IC replacement. Is there anything else that can have the problem?

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I buy a lot of iPhone aftermarket batteries. I estimate that 25% are “poor” when new. 75% are “very good to excellent”.

I was buying great batteries from a specific vendor, and suddenly they changed suppliers I ended up with a bunch of duds that couldn’t hold a decent charge. So beware that someone else’s experience with a vendor may not be the same as your experience.

Similarly, not all battery adhesive strips are the same. Some are good, but some of these adhesives are made so poorly that you’ll never be able to release them properly. I got a batch of bad adhesive, and battery re-replacement became a huge time sink as I spent far to much time trying to release the battery, followed by more time trying to remove the sticky remnants of the lousy aftermarket adhesive.

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