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Wifi suddenly not working - says no connections are available.

This is rather frustrating as it was working literally an hour ago but it suddenly stopped showing any networks at all, despite my phone still working and showing not only ours but the neighbours', all of which have usually been picked up by my computer too.

I've already tried uninstalling the driver on Device Manager, and I've done a system restore, neither to any effect. I'm slightly panicked as I need the Internet for job - can anyone advise?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jerry,

Since you have already reinstalled the drivers. A good step is to verify the surroundings for interference from other electronics. Some big wifi disturbers include speakers, microwaves, cordless phone bases, anything else that would use lots of electrical current and possibly create and interfering magnetic field.

Does it work in other places of the house? If so, it's unlikely the issue is interference from the space around your work station.

The same goes for the wireless router. It should preferably be placed away from such electronics. I once solved an issue for someone that had no wifi, turns out router was on a shelf in an adjacent room to the kitchen, and just behind the wall stood his microwave, even without being in use it was cutting off his connection signal quite a bit.


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This might be a simpler fix than you thought. Since it is an hp laptop, look at the function keys (the ones with f and then a number)

Near the end at 11 or 12, there should be a little symbol that looks like something for wifi. There should also be a little light on that key as well.

If the light orange or white?

If its orange, then your wifi is off. Hold the fn key near the bottom left and then hit whichever key has the orange light. You will see it become white and then your wifi should work.

If it is white or it still doesnt work. There is a bigger issue and we will then figure it out.

Also if you dont have that key, whats your laptops model number?

Hope this helps! If it did please hit the accept answer button!

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