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Flickering screen when pressure is applied


Here is my problem:

I had an issue with my MBP starting half of the time with a black screen. So I unmounted the display assembly, put it back (not my first time, already changed display assembly on other MBP) and now I have a flickering screen when pressure is applied on the top left corner.

I ran an Apple Hardware Test and got the following error: 4BAT/6/40000005: 0x8983d990; indicating a battery error. I changed the battery a while ago, I have a Floureon (work like a charm). Would this be the reason of my flickering? Or would this code redirect me to a magsafe issue (in which case I'll have to change it).

I also wonder if it could come from the LCD cable, since it is also located on the top left corner (near esc key). If this part was faulty, wouldn't the Apple Hardware Test indicate so?

Thanks :)

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Hook it up to an external monitor to see if it is a GPU issue.

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Hi Mayer, thanks for your answer.

So I just found a thunderbolt/hdmi adapter. No issues on the second monitor, I guess I don't have a GPU issue then?

Any idea if it's coming from the battery /magsafe adapter or the LCD cable?

Thanks a lot :)


Since the external monitor works, the GPU is eliminated. Disconnect the Floureon and any other external devices. Now Boot into Safe mode by holding down the Shift key one start up to eliminate any possible software conflicts and let us know you results.

Do you still get the battery error after changing the battery?


Hi Mayer,

So I unplugged the Floureon and started up on safe mode (with MPB wired on sector). Still the same issues :/


@mayer Sorry to bother, any other idea on what should I do now?



Now that you've replaced the battery are you still getting the diagnostic error? What was the history of the machine before you started?


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