Battery swollen and completely damage tablet

I stored a clients tablet for two months and when she collected the item, the battery was swollen and completely damage the whole tablet.

What is the cause of this?

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Batteries just go bad. Sometimes much faster after a machine has been opened and the pressure is relieved. Kind of like Walter White on the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad,

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They are LiPo Batterys. Ive had issues when i stored a device, the battery swelled. I beleive its from over discharge and the chemical composition changes over time, thus causing it to swell. This link might help explain better.

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Battery swelling is common in poorly made Li-Ion batteries, especially in low price phones and tablets. The cause is low quality materials that results in build up of gases inside the battery. The battery needs to be properly disposed of if you do have one, as this is highly toxic and if punctured, health problems can occur.

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The battery could have been over charged

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That doesnt make sense as it was just sitting on a shelf for 2 months.


Just how do you overcharge this battery?


Mayer does have a point @austinkuhnrocks, every commercial electronic device has an over charge, over discharge and short circuit protection circuit to prevent this from happening. Also, how does a tablet that was not plugged in, just sitting on a shelf, overcharge?


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