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O iPhone 5s da Apple foi anunciado em 10 de setembro de 2013. O reparo deste dispositivo é semelhante ao de modelos anteriores e requer chaves e ferramentas de abertura. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 16, 32 ou 64 GB / nas cores prata, dourado e cinza espacial.

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White vertical line at boot logo, not booting

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Hi all,

Please read the comments I posted for more issues :S, most of below stated issues are fixed.

I've been using my phone for almost a year, without any issues.

Until... I dropped my phone. My screen was completely shattered.

I then repaired the phone, myself, correctly. Making sure every screw was in the right place.

After I repaired the phone, I used it for almost a month and then I started to face some weird issues. First, my whole screen was showing very thin, vertical, pixel lines. Afterwards, I started to face issues with, mostly, black images displayed on the phone.

Black images showed white lines, while images containing red, blue, and all the other colors were displayed normally. Then the phone didn't turn on anymore! All it did when I tried to turn it on, was showing a wide white line at the boot logo, sometimes fading into purple.

I directly tried fixing it myself by opening the phone, removing the metal bracket and detaching and again attaching the screen. I tried booting it multiple times, and suddenly it turned on again!

But this issue wasn't gone forever, as it does the same thing since 2 days ago and it won't turn on anymore. Already tried hard rebooting etc, nothing works.

Does anyone know what the problem is with this phone and how I might be able to fix it?

{Please take a look at the pictures attached to this post.}

Thanks in advance and every bit of info helps!

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its going to need a new screen for sure this is caused by bad/Damaged Ribbon Cables

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Alright, I'll try this. But is there any way I can test whether the screen is faulty or the motherboard? I don't want to pay for a new screen whilst my motherboard is damaged.. :p


it is screen 100%


I agree with this. This is a classic symptom of a damaged LCD ribbon cable (It's the quality of the ribbon cables at fault).


Alright, so I tried replacing the screen. Screen works perfectly now, no signs of lines etc. However, after the replacement, the screen turned sometimes red/orange and sometimes blue, but didn't boot and entered an infinite bootloop. video: (Reliable video host)

After that, I tried removing the proximity sensor flex cable. Result: Orange and blue screen issues disappeared, same goes for the infinite bootloop. But now I have this problem...: The phone doesn't boot.. it just shows the apple logo and directly turns off:

ITunes didn't recognize my iPhone either, so I tried putting it in DFU mode, and suddenly it did recognize it.

Does anyone have a clue of what I could try?



Do a update via 3UTools with flash + retain user data while flashing.


iTunes recovery mode update (Do not use DFU) and pray that it updates to the latest OS 10.3.x as of now and boot.

If that doesn't work which usually errors to some error -2x then a restore is required.

Sounds like front camera assembly will need replacing. Maybe consider trying the old screen without that plugged in to see if it still does that white vertical line thing with the apple logo?


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Hdd problem. Power on reset its working after high temperatur in hdd

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@khairi hi, first I would like to thank you for your reply!

However, I don't quite get what you mean with "Power on reset its working after high temperature in hdd"

Could you clear this up for me and is this repairable?

With kind regards, Nabil


anyone left with hints? :S

Or is there any way I can try to recover my images and stuff from the phone through dfu/recovery mode before I try torestore it? It was jailbroken if that helps


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