Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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kernal panic with airport running

purchased airport card from fixit.replaced my card,had no problems for 5-6 hrs,then same problem.i am currently running a cat 5 cable and having no problems with the mac.i shut off the airport.i've been running hard wired for 5 days. i think the airport card is no good.any suggestions?

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If your ibook is the G4 12" 1.33ghz make a search on google and you'll find out that there's a well documented issue with the airport/bluethoot wireless card socket on the logic board causing kernel panic events when the card is installed. Removing the card or switching airport to OFF will solve the problem. There's nothing to do with this issue, to repair you have to replace the logic board. I have two of these problematics ibooks 12" 1.33 that I use with AfterMac wireless USB dongle and it's working well with 10.5.8.

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You said you had the "same problem". If you're having the same problem with the new card as you did with the old card, the card is not the suspect. Please give a better description of your old problem. Also when the card quits, please go to the system profiler and see if the new card is being seen.

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You can try this, because I had the same problem with three of my iBook G4's. Basically, the newer iBooks had a loose connection between the Airport Card CONNECTOR and the logic board. It is no good trying to replace an Airport card, but there is still a "fix".

1. Open up the whole iBook until you can access the Airport Card.

2. Get some wood floor pad protectors from IKEA and stick one or two next to each other on top of the Airport card. There is a plastic bar (iBook 12") or metal bar (iBook 14") that runs across the Airport card and ends at the heat sink. REMEMBER TO SCREW THAT IN VERY TIGHT! It might take more effort than normal, but screw as hard as you can until it is fully screwed in. The plastic bar might bend a little, but that is just fine.

3. Reassemble your computer normally.

4. Zap your PRAM (Option+Apple+P+R) right after you hit the power button. Some of my iBooks don't chime during the PRAM resetting, so only release this key combo after you hear the optical drive sound for the 3rd time.

5. Your Airport should work just fine now.


In the case this still doesn't work, refer to these steps:

1. Turn off your Airport card immediately before your computer kernel panics. If you are unable to do this fast enough, boot into Safe Mode (Hold down Shift while pressing Power).

2. Boot back into your computer normally.

3. Go into Finder and find your computer's hard drive. Then, navigate to: /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAirport.kext


Delete these files and reboot.

4. You will no longer have Airport, so go and buy a wireless dongle for about $20 off Amazon.

Hope this helps!

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j.byrnes,thanks for your help. the floor pad did it.1 full day without a kernal panic.had to trim it down alittle.i also purchased a cool program.i can control the fan now and set the parameters. to keep the motherboard alittle cooler.

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