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ASUS 15.6" F550 Laptop. Similar model numbers F550C, F550CA, F550CC, F550E, F550EA, F550L, F550LA, F550LB, F550LC, F550V, F550VB, and F550VC. It was released in 2017.

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Aren't there extra RAM slots on the motherboard (requires cover remove

Extra RAM slots not normally made end-user available

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Could you please better describe your issue?


Well, the info viewer indicates there aretwo slots for memory, but i can only see 1 actual physical slot in the area under the cover. Also some where i think i heard that they had two slots. is one hardwired? what should i put in the slot? 1x 8Gb? want to "match" whatever is currently on board (4Gb as it came with)


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mihaly_k , I believe there will be one empty ram slot and one on board chip(see ram installation guide link below). Check your computer spec.s for recommended Ram upgrade(max.)using your manual or a search with your exact model#. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

ASUS F550 RAM Replacement

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Thank you and yes I can confirm that on my model F550C though it looks identical to the above pictures, only two screws were required to be removed in order to access the panel. I've seen other models where a seperate panel is for RAM access, and HD access is far trickier as you have to physically split the machine open as it is /under/ the keyboard.


mihaly_k, Thanks for replying back, good luck with your upgrade.


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It's often cheaper for manufacturers to only buy one type of RAM chip ie. 2 slot supporting, and simply only install one physical ram slot, so Windows might see "two available" however that is what the control chip is seeing not the physical available slots. My Lenovo T440 is the same way.

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