Speaker option is Grey out while making a call

Strange Situation. On one of my Customer, I phone 6. Speaker option is grey out while making a call. I have reset the I phone but still the same. Check the Loud Speaker is working but the option is grey out.

any inputs on this ?

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If you don't mind me asking. What solved this issue?

Because personally I've never solved this issue for a customer and just end up saying an issue with the logic board (can't spend too much time when I offer on the spot iPhone repairs on weekends at a market).


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Can you test if the proximity sensor is working? (Place phone near your ear and screen should turn off).

Have you tried using earphones and see if the sound works through there during calls? Especially one with in-line microphone on it.

Also check the screw holes on the logic board specifically at the screen FPC ribbon connectors on the logic board for any long screw damage.

Usually you'll see threaded marks in the screw hole or copper being exposed under a microscope.

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Hi I have this same issue and the proximity sensor does not work, also the headphones produce no sound when making calls, any help?


i think the dock connector is the problem


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