iPhone 6 no image


I having an Iphone 6 that was woking fine but the screen was cracked so I replaced the screen with new one but I forgot to turn off the phone and I do not unplug the battery before the replace. the phone know have no image but it recognized on iTunes any suggestion please.

Update (03/29/2017)

can you help me with this

Block Image

witch on could be the bad?

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Have you tried unplugging and plugging in the battery including reseating the screen cables before plugging the battery back in?

Sorry to say but this may be a blown backlight issue on the logic board which will require diagnosing the backlight circuit or taking it to someone that does board level micro soldering / fixes no backlight issues on iPhone 6.

Also you might want to try the old screen if it still works to see if the LCD still shows display. Check on both the old screen and the new screen if you can get the phone to turn on and display an image but with no backlight. You can use a flashlight to assist you to see the dimmed screen display.

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I have already tried unplug the screen and the battery and also hold the power with home button


I agree, It is likely you blew the backlight filter on the logic board. That will require microsoldering. For the iPhone 6 it's about a $200 repair. Here is a link to the best microsolderer I know.



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did you fix your problem? I have same problem

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this is likely a blown backlight filter.

I charge $99 to repair if your interested in mailing it in.


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