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Huawei's 2016 flagship smartphone. Features a unibody case and dual rear-camera setup developed in partnership with Leica. Comes in 32/64 GB storage options and six different finishes. Model numbers EVA-L29, EVA-L19, and EVA-L09.

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P9 turns on but screen doesn't light on

So my phone has stopped "working". The last days that i could use the phone there were some errors ( apps closing and bugging). But one morning i waked up and the screen won't turn on.

But when you hit the powerbutton the phone vibrates and makes sound..

So what could be wrong?

The screen? but its strange because there are no breaks in the glass..

Thank you guys

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Try holding volume down when you boot it up if that works you will see a menu go to factory reset using the volume buttons and hit the power button (this will wipe your phone, photos music the lot!) and if you cant get into that menu than sorry sounds like the mother board is toast.


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I've been having hard freezing issues most likely due to filling up phone storage.

Use power and volume down hold for 15 seconds to force shutoff and turn on automatically.

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I have been having this problem for about a week. It seems to be worse if the phone is warm/hot. Is there a thermal safety sensor that turns off the screen light? I can still see it if I hold it in bright sunlight. The force reset doesn't always make any difference.


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When i set the brightness of my Phone higher than my screen turns black. I am using it on the most low position right now. In daylight i nearly see anything.

I think it is a proximity sensor problem… But it is not possible to find this part on the market…

I dont know if this is the same issue as you have?….

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I also have the same issue


It might be the backlight


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