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Why is my LCD not working after minor drop?

I have recently dropped my iPhone6. This is the second screen, which I replaced myself, and it was experiencing some serious separation from the frame due to crappy glue. After the drop (not cracked) the screen was backlit but black and nothing would display. I powered the phone off by holding down the buttons. When I powered the phone back on nothing happened. When plugging the phone into a charger nothing happened as well. The phone was plugged into itunes and recognized, but the only option was to wipe the phone. I took the screen off and plugged in my old cracked one, which powered on fine. I could not find any internal issues. Does this sound like I need a new LCD?

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You definitely damaged the LCD again. Where did you get your screen? Chances are that if you are purchasing your screens off of eBay, Amazon or a similar format that your are purchasing substandard quality parts and this is why they are not as resilient to drops. My suggestion would be to purchase one from a reputable vendor such as this one, iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer, here on iFixit. Sure! You might say "Man! this is much more expensive than the one I just bought". The fact of the matter is that the LCD assembly is of higher quality and probably comes with a long warranty/guarantee than the "cheap knockoff" you bought in the first place. When it comes to replacing your screen yourself there is still no substitute for quality over price!

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iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer


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