Why cant I see my hard drive when I plugg it

dont show on when i plug it i only hear the sound,last time it showed me that it was full but now i ts seems not working at all

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What computer did you plug it into? What operating system?


It really helps to know if the hard drive is in an iPod or a mainframe, internal or external, SATA, IDE, NAS or SCSI and what OS it is running.


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@yedwa If your dealing with an internal hard drive you may want to go to disk management and check there you may just need to make it active. Hope this helps

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If this is a drive you have used on the same computer and it is not showing up now listen to the Drive and see if you can hear clicking coming from it or see if you hear it spinning. If its clicking then usually that means the Drive is about gone "Dead" if you can hear it spin then I would need to know what type of computer your on and what kind of Drive you have mounting.

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If you are installing an internal HDD, you must first shut off the PC before mounting. Also, if only power is connected the HDD will spin but you won't be able to access data. You must have data+power connections.

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